Why you don't understand economics ... and nor do they!"

Economics Index.

These pages contain some relatively new concepts and challenges to old misconceptions which build on each other. So you'd be advised to move through the index systematically.

  • 1. Preamble:

    Economics is more religion than 'social science', but it is slowly getting its act together. It appears now to have thrown off the ideological/political theories of neo-Liberalism which confused everyone for a couple of decades. But it still has major competing concepts, and it lacks a totally-accepted terminology -- consequently it still presents conflicting arguments from different perspectives.     You'll miss much of value if you skip this preamble.

  • 2.Basic Money Theory - what is money?

    This section consists of some history; some basics as to how money should be analysed; along with considerable attention to the need for a common terminology. There's also a discussion on some obvious errors of thinking.

  • 3. A Model of the Australian Economy.

    Without some simple categorisation and a way to mentally process related concepts, it is very difficult to grasp new approaches which replace old certainties. With economics it is especially difficult, because we all have such a daily familiarity: but we need to UNLEARN, before we relearn. This is a quick overview of a useful model to provide a common structure for the discussion of various components.

  • 4. Whatever

    Whatever XXX

  • Why there are so many problems with economics? A series of short pieces on the complexities, mainly on the control of inflation.
  • 9. BitCoin and other Ponzi schemes.

    Some basic criticism of BitCoin and Block-chain technologies. Why they can never be the equivalent of money.