"Homes-for-the-Homeless ‐ built by the homeless"
A design for small, low-cost demountable homes with full facilities (cooking, washing, shower and toilet).


  • Basic Layout
  • Assembly

    Main Panels

  • Side frames
  • Bed-side fit-out
  • Table-side fit-out
  • Floor Panel
  • Roof details
  • Front Panel
  • Back Panel


  • Water Closet
  • Divider
  • Water tank
  • Shower-tray
  • Electrical


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    LINDFIELD, NSW, 2070
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    This H4H design is available to any volunteer groups for non-commercial use, but please make a formal request.

  • H4H Fabrication Details

    Bed-side shelving and fit-out

      Note: The dimensions detailed given below are down to the millimetre, but the required accuracy is only within 3-4mms.
      However, have the timber cut as accurately as possible.

    The heights given here for positioning battens, hinges and shelving on both side walls is measured from the bottom of the base-plate, which makes contact with the floor frame (not the floor surface).

    Since the width and thicknesses of shelving timbers can vary, remember to check, and allow for the fold-up heights of everything hinged onto the wall, including the thickness of the timber.

    The Bed:

    The bed hinges onto Studs 2, 3 and 5 at a height of 50 cms (the top surface of the bed, and also the hinge point.

    The Upper Shelf:

    While this is just a normal shelf made from 200x15 dressed pine, it should also be able to carry the weight of a cradle, or possibly even a small child's bunk bed. Both the Bed and the upper-shelf need 1 metre long dressed supporting battens on the front panel between the corner and the door-frame. Also need 5mm drill holes along front of shelving above the bed where eye-bolts and other fixings can be added to secure an above-bed bunk/cradle for children Electrical