"Homes-for-the-Homeless ‐ built by the homeless"
A design for small, low-cost demountable homes with full facilities (cooking, washing, shower and toilet).


  • Basic Layout
  • Assembly

    Main Panels

  • Side frames
  • Bed-side fit-out
  • Table-side fit-out
  • Floor Panel
  • Roof details
  • Front Panel
  • Back Panel


  • Water Closet
  • Divider
  • Water tank
  • Shower-tray
  • Electrical


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    This H4H design is available to any volunteer groups for non-commercial use, but please make a formal request.

  • H4H Construction and Assembly

    Table-side shelving and fit-out.

      Note: The dimensions detailed given below are down to the millimetre, but the required accuracy is only within 3-4mms.
      However, have the timber cut as accurately as possible.

    The heights given here for positioning battens, hinges and shelving on both side walls is measured from the bottom of the base-plate, which makes contact with the floor frame (not the floor surface). Since the width and thicknesses of shelving timbers can vary, remember to check, and allow for the fold-up heights of everything hinged onto the wall, including the thickness of the timber.

    Table and Lower Shelf:

    We assume that both shelves on this Table-side of the unit, and also the vertical fold-out Table/shelf support, will be made from 200x15 dressed pine.

    The Table (1.0 x 0.6m) is hinged onto the Lower of the two shelves, which allows it to reach across to the bed which will be used as the seat. The bed-plank surface height is 50cms, so the table needs a further 20cms for comfort (to the top surface). This puts the shelf hinges at 70cms above the bottom of the panel's wall plate.

    Also note that when the shelves and table are folded back against the wall for storage or transport, they will require free space up to (700 + 800mm = 1.5m) before they run into the upper folded shelf.

    To allow a little for timber-size variations, therefore we suggest that the upper shelving should be hinged at a height of 1.6m. This, then sets the length of the Vertical fold-out Table/shelf-support timber at 1.6m less 20mm for two ply thicknesses. The upper shelf will rest on top of this vertical support, while the lower shelf (with table) will need a batten across the timber at a top height of (700-10 = 690mms) or 0.69 m.

    The embedded wall light fitting (See Electrical section) needs to be cut into the ply between 1.5 and 1.6m from the bottom plate (alongside Stud 5) and the power-point slotted into the ply at between 80 and 90 cms above the floor.

    Finishing Touches:

    The area behind the opened front door is useful as clothes hanging space. There are two useful hanging devices: add a couple of Screw-Eye bolts under the fold-down shelf (maybe with a length of dowelling between) and/or for shirts and light clothing, drill small holes through the ply for screw-eyes, or for S-shaped hooks (Hardware store items). You might also consider a length of batten with a line of screw-hooks, etc. which is then glued to the ply.
      [Note: Eyebolts and Hook-screws come at different sizes and thicknesses.They are also available either with nuts or with wood-screw threads and in lengths up to about 150mms.]

    While most of the wall surfaces are lined and insulated (and the back bed-side also has a Water Closet, to help with heat retention), the main heat loss in Winter will come from the Table-side raise floor area with no lining and only shelving (this could be lined if the money is available. Suggestions: 0.7m length of short plastic electrical pipe (or a broomstick) as a towel rail on front edge of bottom shelf. Drill holes 5mm along top edge of the back of the top shelf for hanger hooks Also a couple of screw-eyes to handle spring-type curtain 'rod' with a light curtain over the lot. Help a lot with temperature and also neatness. Some screw-eye holes in the 70cm battens on back wall supporting the two shelves at (1.6 - 300mm above ????


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